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An easy to comprehend list of frequently asked questions about navTTD App.

What is navTTD?

navTTD is a mapping and navigation app for Tirumala pilgrims to explore the holy temple town. The app has been designed and developed by Srisys Inc for TTD pilgrims

Is it an official TTD app?

navTTD is a service offered by Srisys Inc to Lord Venkateswara devotees and should not be considered an official app

Is it a free app?

Yes, navTTD is a free app.

How does the app help users?

navTTD helps users with real time mapping and navigation at the temple town of Tirumala

How accurate is the navigation? Is it 100%?

The app is quite accurate and navigates users to almost 10 feet within the destination.

Can we book darshanam tickets with the app?

You cannot book darshanam tickets with the app.

Can we book accommodation with the app?

You cannot book accommodation with the app.

Can we get places information on the app?

Yes, you get brief information about places of interest and how to reach there.