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Visiting The S.V Museum At Tirumala? Here’s What you Need To Know

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Blog

Established in the year 1980 in the Hall of Antiques, right opposite to the main shrine Srivari temple at Tirumala, S.V Museum is repository of traditional artifacts of Vaishnavite culture. Here are a few things you need to know about the SV Museum which makes it a must visit place next when you are the temple town of Tirumala.
The collection at the museum is spread over two sections that house relics and works of art from various times in history.
Let’s dive into them in deep!

Section A:

This section deals with the temple architecture, iconography, rituals and worship within the temple that help us understand the limitations of human mind. It projects the aspects of cosmic consciousness than a purely human consciousness.

  • The replicas of antique and umpteen style of the pillars, prakaras, steps, etc. are portrayed in this section, making it the place of pure devotion and enlightenment
  • The science and technology behind the measurements of icons and temple structures are elaborated in this section
  • Images of stone gallery dating from 8th-19th century can be looked at here
  • The history of Vaishnavism can also be explained in this section
  • This section will also take you through the technicalities of the temple building
  • The depiction of ornaments decorated within the temple can also be seen here

Section B:

  • This section deals with the vehicles of gods, wood carvings, Mudras of Bharatanatya, musical instruments and Divyakshetras
  • Within this section, there is a sub-section which is a ritual section projecting the significance of ritualistic obligations known as Samskaras
  • An interesting collection of vessels used in Agama is also displayed here

For those who seek knowledge for research purposes there is a library attached to the museum which has an authentic collection of temple art, architecture, rituals, and inscriptions on Hinduism and Vedic literature.